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Ooh. I'm scairt of movies from books I love. I can't think of a good one after To Kill A Mockingbird.


I adored Pro Bono, and his personality and humor and way with words are a big part of why I loved this story. I also loved that line very much! Also, is it just me, or is this story crying out for a big screen adaptation?


I couldn't agree more. Octavian changed me in ways I'm not sure I can describe. Besides the obvious- I talked like Bono for weeks after I put the book down. My very favorite line:

"Sweet mercy in a firkin!" swore Bono. "Not another word of your damn metaphorizing! By God, don't you have vomiting to do?"


Insane? Not at all. But fraught, mistress, oh-so-fraught with peril. Though I'd be right there next to you in the theatre, peeking out from behind my fan.


Yeah, it feels sort of impossible to imagine how this would ever be adapted. But somehow ... I'd love to see it. I must confess. If only to see the actor who plays Lafayette on True Blood play Pro Bono. Is that insane?


I just got this book for review and after reading your review I'm 100x more excited than I already was (I wanted to read it but was a bit aary, but now I SO want to read it!). Thank you for such an amazinng review. Sometimes the best reviews are those that are about books we love so much we can't express it :)


Ari ... glad the review made you more excited to read it ... I think you will enjoy it ... it's kind of a monumental reading experience!

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